Beta Wave Music

Beta wave music; the cure for zombie brain…

sleepy? try beta waves music
Sometimes, your mind doesn’t want to cooperate…

  • You need to focus but your mind keeps wandering.
  • Concentration just isn’t happening
  • You feel fuzzy headed and fog-brained
  • You didn’t get enough sleep & it shows

Technically, what’s happening is that your brain is in Alpha. Which is good if you’re meditating or relaxing. Not so good if you’re supposed to be working or concentrating.

Those are the times beta wave music can be very helpful. It’s like audio caffeine for your brain. Wakey, wakey! I like to use it the first hour of the morning to kickstart the day.

When you boost your beta waves, you think faster, get ideas quickly, feel more energetic and just generally improve your mental processing skills.

What beta waves and espressos have in common…

Beta wave music works so well, I must caution you not to overdo it. Because while “not enough beta” is like a walking zombie… too much beta is a bit like too many espressos.

Please do not listen for more than one hour at a time. For some people an hour is perfect. For others, 20 minutes is enough of a kick start. You’ll discover how much is perfect for you.

Beta wave music: for use with eyes wide open!

Both tracks are intended for use with your eyes wide open while studying, reading, working or getting ready for work. Makes no sense to close your eyes if you’re trying to be more alert, hmm? You may use stereo headphones, or play it in the background on stereo speakers. Be sure to adjust the volume to a slightly lower level than usual, so the music isn’t a distraction – especially if using headphones.

Beta Boost is a low-beta/SMR audio to facilitate attention & alertness. Isochronic tones, (12-14hz) beta beats, ocean waves & ambient music. 30 mins. (MP3) $9.95

Energy is slightly higher beta for a burst of mental energy & motivation. Isochronic tones with (15-18hz) betawaves, water & ambient music. 25 mins (MP3) $9.95

Beta Wave Bundle

Includes both beta wave audios and Earthbeats relaxation audio to be sure you can unwind at the end of the day, especially if you find the effects of beta waves to be overly stimulating, or find that they last too long and you can’t unwind when you want to. Plus – there’s the savings. Earthbeats itself is $19.97, so it’s like getting one of the beta wave audios free!

Beta wave music bundle


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