What Is Brain wave Entrainment?

Brain Wave Entrainment, also known as brain entrainment, just means learning to train your mind.

24 hours a day, your brain creates brainwave patterns that are directly associated to your state of mind. Brainwaves are measured in “Hertz” – which means cycles per second.

If you could peek inside your head with an EEG when you’re stressed out, you’d see that your brain is firing off 30, 40 or up to 70 electrical impulses every second. Relax, and they slow down. When you’re asleep, they’re even slower and they’ll speed up again when you awaken.

When you’re stressed out, telling yourself to relax seldom helps much. Likewise, when you can’t seem to focus or concentrate, trying to push your brain into gear can feel like pushing a large rock uphill.

Fortunately, there are ways you can train your brain to calm itself or achieve any brainwave state you want. Brain waves are affected by scent, sound, taste & light. For example, the smell of citrus speeds up brain waves and can help us feel more awake when we’re sleepy.

Music is a simple and effective way to affect our brain state because your brainwaves will follow along, reproducing the frequency of the music you’re listening to. So, when you’re stressed out and your brain waves are jumping around at 30 and 40 Hz, if you play music with beats at 10 Hertz, your brain waves will slow down to match the music you’re listening to and will help you relax. That’s the essence of brain wave entrainment. Training your brain.

You know those times when you just can’t seem to get motivated? Or you’re trying to focus and concentrate, but it’s just not happening? Those are the times that Beta beats can help get your brain up to speed. And when you have stress through the roof, or you just can’t unwind, Alpha or Theta beats will help you achieve a calmer state.

Unwanted behaviors happen when your brainwaves aren’t doing what you want them to be doing. That’s where brain entrainment can help. Mind music makes entrainment quick and easy. Start listening, and just minutes later you’ve altered your state of mind.

Brain entrainment is not just for relaxing. It is also used to stimulate your mind, to help you wake up when you’re fuzzy headed, or to inspire creative thought. Brain entrainment can help you study better, learn better, work more efficiently and reduce your stress levels.

Brain entrainment music generally uses ambient music or nature sounds embedded with either binaural or isochronic beats that will coax your mind to the frequency you want to achieve. So you can focus. Or relax. Or sleep. Or reduce stress. Put on the music and listen. It really doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?


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